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10 Fashion habits that exacerbate pain


Big bags
Some handbags really qualify as carry-on luggage or tote bags. Why do women need to tote around so much stuff?

Heavy bags
Put your purse on a diet. Some people carry brushes, makeup, notepads, mirrors, energy bars, water bottles, pacifiers, phones, and money (well, maybe just plastic). Have you weighed your purse lately?

Spouse asking you to carry things
For goodness sake, your purse is heavy enough without carrying everyone else's stuff too! If you read about the history of purses, you will find that men used to carry purses. How did women end up with the heavy load? The answer is fashion.

Small bags with skinny straps
Even the small ones with the really skinny straps might be digging you into a painful hole. Some women have indentation along their shoulders from straps.

Purse strap on one shoulder
Even if a purse is well designed to fit comfortably over the shoulder, it could still be causing discomfort because the owner only wears her purse strap over one particular shoulder. We are all creatures of habit. Sometimes that repetition can lead to enough muscle and joint asymmetry to cause pain.

Using the same purse
Pain from purses can include neck pain, shoulder pain, thoracic outlet pain, arm pain and even hand pain. Variation can be a good thing. Different purse, different shoulder, no purse, fanny pack, and backpack are all various ways to break up a cycle of pain caused by a purse.

High heels
High-heeled shoes cause so many problems like bunions, knee and back pain. The misalignment caused by anything over a one-inched heel places stress on all the parts from toe to head.

Flip Flops
Without good support from shoes, the tires of our lives, you are greatly increasing your risk of injury to the feet, ankles, knees and low back.

Toning shoes
Well, the shoe companies fooled millions with claims that these shoes toned your legs and butt while you walk. Not only do these claims prove false, but the toning shoes actually cause painful injuries.

Bras in general can be painful for people with chronic pain. Some features that might be helpful include, a front-hook closure, a "vanishing back" which has no seams, hems or stitching and is made out of a soft, stretchy fabric, and underwire that doesn't poke.

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