Lost from my mother country

There are many Africans who, by choice or otherwise, have left their home country and are now living in different places around the world.

For some, it is the search for a better life. For others the choice is not theirs and that better life remains elusive.

My story starts in the 1950s when my father decided to leave Ghana in search of a better life. He traveled to Ireland in the United Kingdom. This was a time when Black People could not mix freely with whites, when boarding houses had signs on their doors saying "No Coloured people".

I am sure he had a tough time, but he made the choice to travel there and it would seem, he found work and somewhere to live.

He was a boxer and a mechanic and I like to think he was good at both. But I don't really know. I have never met him.

I have spent the last few years trying to find out about my father and my research has led me to your Country. I now know what he did in Ireland, who he met & why he did not stay around to raise his child.

I shall tell my story in the hope that someone in Ghana can help me in my search for my Father and African Family.

More to follow...

God will protect and pursue you into Great ambitions in your life
By: lawrence