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Posted by SHUAEEB RAJI on Thu, 27 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

We offer free no obligation quotations | Prompt response | Efficient workmanship

Boreholes for residential | industrial or commercial purposes.

If you would like to find out more or receive a free quote call us on
0508301732 OR respond to this ad via email and we will call you back.

**If you are responding to this ad via email kindly include your contact details.


Posted by DR. VAN on Thu, 20 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

Do you know that there are amazing ways to reduce your weight in less than two weeks with herbal medicine.
After drinking this medicine for just two weeks, you may decide to either continue or stop since you keep loosing weight rapidly.
What I noticed about this herbal medicine is that it reduced your blood pressure (BP) to normal. Since those with Obesity mostly suffer from Hypertension, palpitation of heart, respiratory problems and uneasiness. The medicine will help you loose weight by burning all Cholesterol in any part of the body and especially those with big tummy.
If you are an average person living on a normal diet, then almost sure your Colon is the problem. What you think of being stomach fat is actually an Over loaded Colon.
In a normal digestive process the food we ingest should travel all the digestive system and be eliminated in less than 24 hours. However, the chances to find a normal functioning digestive system are less than 2% today. From several reasons,
What happens next is that the food sitting more in your Colon starts forming layers, or what is called Plaque. Just like in your kitchen pipes.
Years after years of wrong nutrition, layers after layers, this plaque is becoming bigger and bigger. The colon is very extensible. It can expand up to five times its normal size when stuffed. That is why some people has big tummy and that is why you need medicine that can clear away all these plaque and fat/ cholesterol in the stomach so that you can be free and healthy. You do not need any exercise each morning or avoid your favorite food. Kindly call quickly for the SLIM CARE MIX.
DR. VAN 0247681933
I have good herbal medicine for the following illness:
SEXUAL WEAKNESS 'BE THAT MAN' JUST IN 3 DAYS: This herbal product works perfectly with no side effects.
INFERTILITY & LOW SPERM COUNT: Women who have tried several methods to have children should contact me for a special arrangement for medicines that can help them have kids. This is one medicine I always love to put the bet on because it has work perfectly for hundreds of women who had lost hope but today they have happily conceive. I have a special herbal medicine for treating Low Sperm Count in men, within the shortest time it will boost your sperm count level and you will be able impregnate your partner.
PILES: Either bleeding piles or any other type our products works perfectly. Money Guaranteed back as well, because this medicine is working miracle for those with piles or bleeding piles or any other pile on the skin.
ULCER: Severe stomach pain before/ after meals, burning sensation within your chest anybody with any of these symptoms should contact me for the best of herbal medicine for cure.
GONORRHOEA, SYPHILIS, CYSTITIS; Painful urination or seminal discharge from the Penis/ Virginal and all kind of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).
DYSMENORRHEA/ AMENORRHEA: Menstrual pains or menstrual cramp, and scanty menstrual flow or absence of menstrual flow. I have the best and improved herbal medicine to cure all these.
FREQUENT URINATION at Night/ Day cause by Diabetes or Bladder deficiency or urinary truck infections.
*Just to mention few just call;
DR. VAN on the following numbers below:
We deliver to you at your location within 24 hours, no matter where you are and those in U.S.A and EUROPE delivering day is only one week.
Your privacy is respected so just call and let us talk one on one.
Wish you good health and a better living.

Get 50% Discount at Palace on wheels - Book Now

Posted by subroto mukherjee on Tue, 18 Jun 2013 - Domestic Services Offered

Palace on wheels a beautiful and luxuries train in India and takes you on a trip to the land of royalty to make you experience the real lifestyles of previous era of raja and Maharaja. We get the opportunity to feel you like a king and queen at 50% discount. For more details contact us or visit


Posted by UnixinfoServices on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

(unixf173f) An X-PERT English Speaking Institute with Personality Development Training for Professionals and Students. Learn to Speak Fluent English, Boost Your Confidence and Develop Your Personality. Our courses and lessons are very simple and use a variety of resources that will help you improve your English Fluency. Everyone can learn good English in an easy and efficient way. We are offering courses for School-College Students/ Professionals/ Businessman/ Housewives/ Retired Persons. There is No Age Bar, Flexible Timing, Life Time Practice, Reasonable Fee, 100% GUARANTEED RESULT. Courses offered by AXPEA: 1. Spoken English (Business English) 2. Vocabulary and Grammar Practice 3. Personality & Career Development 4. Confidence & Presentation Skills 5. Body Language 6. Communication Skills For More Information Please Visit or mail us at [email protected] or Call - (079)65444655/09409607755.


Posted by REP TECH on Sun, 16 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

CCTV and security video / audio door bells sales and installation for offices and residential homes. Get secured with REP TECH. Call/ whatsapp/join our whatsapp group for technological updates on 0244 917729, 0302 901220. ***REPTECH, Expert Installation & sales*** 0302 901220

Affordable Tuition in English Maths and Science

Posted by Gillian on Mon, 10 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

Get your child off to a flying start with High Achievers Tuition.

Our degree educated tutors are specially trained to give your child the help and support they need. Our program is designed to run alongside the National Curriculum and so it will help reinforce what your child has been learning at school but also help them gain the competitive edge.

We offer Maths, English, Science, and Public speaking, Presentation and Study skills. At KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE levels.

Initial assessment is free.

We get results!

be the next star singer

Posted by steve on Sun, 09 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

To be a star singer or to win any singing contest like MTN HITZ MAKERS etc,is not a joke, all you need to do is to get a professional vocal coach, and that is what im going to do for you, as a vocal coach for almost 20 years ,i will take you through vocal techniques to make you a star, my vocal lesson is one on one ,very affordable. Call me or whatsup on 0542992386 or mail [email protected] or visit my site


Posted by Favor Okasi on Sat, 08 Jun 2013 - Domestic Services Offered

Doctor Said I Cant Get Pregnant, Why? Fibroid, Tube-blockage, Hormonal Imbalance,
Ovulation, Menstrual Discharge e.t.c. Have I Tried Dr Alka's Therapies From India?
Call +2347046170892 or Visit for fast Solution/delivery.

piano vcd for children

Posted by Steve on Fri, 07 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

Children are our heritage, it has been proved over and over that piano lesson improve every childs intellectual edge, get this PIANO LESSON FOR CHILDREN VCD for you and your child to learn to play the piano, its highly unique that you as a parent can learn from this vcd and also teach your child, very amazing. Only Ghc30.For single or bulk purchase please call or whatsup me on 0542992386

Intensive I.T Program for worker

Posted by Ekow on Thu, 06 Jun 2013 - Business Services Offered

We are group of I.T professionals providing quality and top-notch customized I.T training programs for workers and the general public.
Our services are tailored to the specific needs of workers in the relation to the field they operate in.
Over the years we have noticed that most workers have limited or no computer skills and others have lost touch with modern computer skills.
Most worker wish they could easily operate computers or work with easily using basic applications such as MS Word, MS excel MS Power Point, etc.
It is for this reason we have designed this program to specifically satisfy the needs of these workers. We want to help you develop your carrier by adding I.T knowledge to your skills to your skills which in the long run will boost your productivity.

Call 0244851382 for further clarification, programs and the cost involved