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bore hole drilling

Posted by Alex on Thu, 22 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

Borehole water is naturally cleaner depending on its location and content
As water passes through the ground and into the water table it flows through layers of rock and chalk, which act as natural filters. This produces water that is usually far cleaner and purer than the water provided by water companies.


Water boreholes provide stability of water supply 0540204428


Posted by Mr. Brian on Wed, 21 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

Imperial Realty and Constructions Ltd is running courses for Beginners,Intermediates and Advance training in AUTOCAD commands and Virtualisations. These courses are to equip trainees in the use of AUTOCAD to draw building plans,3D Virtualisations and attain proficiency in its usage.
Advantages would be practical Site work experience and Job placements after training.
call the Office for further enquiries on 0246609485

Improve your vision with benefits of eye surgery

Posted by Atul Sharma on Thu, 15 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

India offers a growing number of service centres for ophthalmic care. Eye is the most important sense organ of human body, need to give specialized care. Best Eye Treatment Centers in India provide ultimate treatment with top most facilities avoiding lengthy line of appointments and high cost. Indian health-guru consultants a medical tourism company offers quality medical treatment and nursing care, which is at par with the international standards, at a nominal cost. Eye surgeons in India are well known for best work in respective field attaining success in vision treatment.

For more information or help visit to:-
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[email protected]

Affordable Accounting Services

Posted by Enoch on Sat, 10 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

Streamline Africa Limited is an accounting service firm located in Accra at La Apaapa, on the Labone Coffee Shop road.

At Streamline Africa, our primary objective is to ensure that all businesses, regardless of their (business) nature, have access to effective and efficient Accounting and Bookkeeping services. Our services are very affordable and meets the needs of every business in Ghana. Our services include, but are not limited to the following;

1. Bookkeeping
2. Preparation of Business plan
3. Taxation
4. Payroll management
5. Stock management
6. Product costing
7. Stock taking
8. Business management
9. Provision of Accounting staff
10. Provision of Accounting software

Contact Streamline Africa Limited for total solutions to your business needs, as we provide quality and affordable Bookkeeping and Accounting services to our clients. Call us on 0244995143 or visit our website at

Bore hole drilling and solar installation

Posted by Alex on Thu, 08 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

Solar bore hole drilling available upon request.
We are Ghana's most reliable and trusted borehole Borehole water is naturally cleaner depending on its location and contentAs water passes through the ground and into the water table it flows through layers of rock and chalk, which act as natural filters. This produces water that is usually far cleaner and purer than the water provided by water companies (ask anyone who has had their supply analysed).
Water boreholes provide stability of water supply Please call ATNTGH BOREHOLE DRILLERS 0540204428 or whatsapp for a complete bore hole drilling and construction

we will provide solar panel, pipes , submesible pump and all plumbing and electrical material.

Solar Panel for sale in Accra

Posted by Allex on Thu, 08 Oct 2015 - Business Services Offered

we have in stock 24v 250w panel @ 1400 Ghana cedis, 12v 100Ah battery@ 1000 Ghana cedis
24v 200Ah battery@ 1800 Ghana cedis.

Basic Troubleshootin

Posted by John Robert on Mon, 05 Oct 2015 - Domestic Services Offered

Is your laptop/computer running slow? Imagine how boring it is for your clients to wait on you for hours for a simple service because your computer freezes and keeps running slow.

Call Robert, the computer guy to resolve this issue.


Posted by DR. VAN on Fri, 25 Sep 2015 - Business Services Offered

T­h­e Slim care is a caref­­­ull­y selec­­­ted ancie­­­nt medic­­­ina­l plant­­­s and herbs that help the body to get rid of unwan­­­ted bad chole­­­ste­r­o­l­, phleg­­­m, plaqu­­­es and other toxin­­­s that are accum­­­ula­t­e­d in the body throu­­­gh years of wrong nutri­­­tio­n of food, liqui­­­d and life style­­­.
­E­x­c­es­s accum­­­ula­t­i­o­n of bad chole­­­ste­r­o­l­, phleg­­­m, fat and toxin­­­s leads to healt­­­h compl­­­ica­t­i­o­ns like; cardi­­­ova­s­c­u­la­r disea­­­ses like heart attac­­­k hyper­­­ten­s­i­o­n, palpi­­­tat­i­o­n of the heart leadi­­­ng to pulmo­­­nar­y dizzi­­­nes­s­.­
L­oa­­de­d colon­­­; in a norma­­­l diges­­­tiv­e proce­­­ss the food we inges­­­t shoul­­­d trave­­­l all the diges­­­tiv­e syste­­­m and be elimi­­­nat­e­d in less than 24 hours­­­. Howev­­­er, the chanc­­­es to find a norma­­­l funct­­­ion­i­n­g diges­­­tiv­e syste­­­m are less than 2% today for sever­­­al reaso­­­ns.­
­­Wha­­t happe­­­ns next is that the food sitti­­­ng more in your Colon start­­­s formi­­­ng layer­­­s, or what is calle­­­d Plaqu­­­e. Just like in your kitch­­­en pipes­­­.
­Y­e­a­rs after years of wrong nutri­­­tio­n­, layer­­­s after layer­­­s, this plaqu­­­e is becom­­­ing bigge­­­r and bigge­­­r. The colon is very exten­­­sib­l­e­. It can expan­­­d up to five times its norma­­­l size when stuff­­­ed. That is why some peopl­­­e has big tummy and that is why you need medic­­­ine that can clear away all these plaqu­­­es and fat/ chole­­­ste­r­o­l in the body so that you can be free and healt­­­hy. Loade­­­d colon leads to bacte­­­ria­l infec­­­tio­n­s leadi­­­ng to serie­­­s of healt­­­h probl­­­ems to your body. When your diges­­­tiv­e syste­­­m is not able to get rid of waste or unwan­­­ted food daily the accum­­­ula­t­e­d waste resul­­­ts into plaqu­­­es, fat, chole­­­ste­r­o­l­, phleg­­­m, gas and toxin­­­s. Accum­­­ula­t­i­o­n of this unwan­­­ted chole­­­ste­r­o­l­, fat, oil, sugar­­­, phleg­­­m, plaqu­­­es, gas and toxin­­­s leads to obesi­­­ty and loade­­­d colon which leads to belly fat or port belly­­­.
­W­h­e­n your veins and arter­­­ies begin­­­s to block with exces­­­s chole­­­ste­r­o­l the heart begin­­­s to find pumpi­­­ng of the blood to other parts of the body diffi­­­cul­t and this leads to serio­­­us probl­­­em like hyper­­­ten­s­i­o­n, cardi­­­ova­s­c­u­la­r disea­­­ses and strok­­­e.
­T­h­e Slim care is the only well formu­­­lat­e­d natur­­­al herba­­­l medic­­­ina­l tea that can help clean your colon­­­s and intes­­­tin­e­s free of all plaqu­­­es and chole­­­ste­r­o­l­. Daily consu­­­mpt­i­o­n of the green tea has antio­­­xid­a­n­t prope­­­rti­e­s that trace­­­s all unwan­­­ted chole­­­ste­r­o­l­, plaqu­­­es, and toxin­­­s in the body syste­­­m and gradu­­­all­y remov­­­es it slowl­­­y witho­­­ut causi­­­ng any harm to your healt­­­h. It has a refre­­­shi­n­g natur­­­al taste­­­; no artif­­­ici­a­l ingre­­­die­n­t­s added­­­.
­I­t is packe­­­d with lot of natur­­­al medic­­­ina­l prope­­­rti­e­s that boost your syste­­­m makin­­­g you feel more energ­­­eti­c and easy going after elimi­­­nat­i­n­g bad chole­­­ste­r­o­l and plaqu­­­es from your syste­­­m.
­H­e­al­th benef­­­its of the slim care tea
­­­ I­t slim the body givin­­­g you new and confi­­­den­t shape to wear your dress­­­es.­
­­ L­­ow­er chole­­­ste­r­o­l­
­ ­­Fu­l­l of antio­­­xid­a­n­t­s and detox­­­ifi­e­s the body.­­­
­ ­R­ed­u­ce belly fat and loade­­­d colon­­­.
­­ ­R­emo­v­­e phleg­­­m and plaqu­­­es in the stoma­­­ch.­
­­ H­­av­e plant medic­­­ina­l prope­­­rti­e­s that suppo­­­rt the funct­­­ion­s of the stoma­­­ch, liver­­­, kidne­­­y, lung and heart­­­.
­­ ­P­rev­e­­nt and remov­­­e build up fat depos­­­its on arter­­­y walls­­­
­ ­H­as medic­­­ina­l prope­­­rti­e­s that act as laxat­­­ive to elimi­­­nat­e const­­­ipa­t­i­o­n and suppo­­­rt the funct­­­ion of the diges­­­tiv­e syste­­­m.
­­ ­He­lp to stabi­­­liz­e High Blood Press­­­ure after elimi­­­nat­i­n­g bad chole­­­ste­r­o­l from the veins and arter­­­ies givin­­­g way to the heart to pump blood well.­­­
­ ­D­ai­l­y consu­­­mpt­i­o­n of the herba­­­l tea has helpe­­­d lot of women with fibro­­­id probl­­­ems and menst­­­rua­l disor­­­der­.­
­ ­Re­­d­uces mucus and aller­­­gen­s from infla­­­mma­t­i­o­n
­ P­­rote­­­ct again­­­st cance­­­r
­­ ­F­igh­t free radic­­­als­
Y­­ou­r healt­­­h is our ultim­­­ate pride that is why we provi­­­de you with nothi­­­ng but the best of natur­­­al herba­­­l medic­­­ine­s that can help you slim down as you alway­­­s wish to.

­w­h­a­ts­ap­­p us on this numbe­­­r or call for furth­­­er detai­­­ls.­
W­e offer free deliv­­­ery servi­­­ces to any part of Accra and Tema.­­­
F­r­e­e deliv­­­ery to the entir­­­e ten regio­­­ns of Ghana­­­
W­e send our produ­­­cts to the U.S.A­­­, EUROP­­­E and entir­­­e AFRIC­­­A throu­­­gh DHL, TNT, FDX and norma­­­l post.­­­
O­u­r deliv­­­ery servi­­­ce is the safes­­­t, faste­­­st and easy to pick-­­­up.­

Leading IT Company in Gujrat. We are serving appli

Posted by Dharmik on Tue, 22 Sep 2015 - Business Services Offered

is one of the leading digital solution providers, based out of Gujrat.
Our services include experienced analysts,
designers, project managers, developers and QA people having great expertise in android developing also in web applications development mainly on core PHP, (Magento, Wordpress, Codeigniter), .NET, HTML 5, XHML, XML And Other Web Languages, Database Management, web design/logo designs + After Effect 3D videos and mobile applications on iPhone.
Contact mobile- 97267 57671 *By-CLI0278AA

Black Magic Removal Specialist Astrologer | Black

Posted by Sulan Miyan on Tue, 22 Sep 2015 - Business Services Offered

Black magic is a powerful action done for solving or achieving success in various streams of life. It brings positive and negative results both which depends on the person. Positive people will always give a positive output where as negative people will always gives a negative response and output. It is an art of worshiping god and helping people those who are in need. Few procedures are done for solving problems.

Problems can be personal or professional. It is taken into consideration about solving problems, with no side effects. There are various techniques handled by the specialist that take no risks and no negative effects. Personnel problems like love marriage, extra marital affair or property problems, children marriages, all can be solved at one place with us.

Send queries or mail us at our given website. Call us directly and we will fix an appointment and take full guarantee of solving all problems with full support. Charges are very reasonable or can be given with installments as suites you. We sincerely work with full perfection and best output can be seen. We have all solution to problem faced. Very easy and short procedures are there with us. One needs to keep patience and follow all the procedures that are strictly given by us. Not a single mistake is to be done. We truly ensure the chances of positive response within few days.

Black magic specialists removal astrologer are well qualified and have all knowledge of all books related to magic and worship. This is the modern world, where problems are solved within no time by using the combination of technology, spiritualism and moral activities.
FOr More Information Please Visit Our Websites :- or call us at:- +91-9812875096