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Posted by Mr.Ravi on Tue, 16 Dec 2014 - [Grand Openings]

First time in Ghana Indian Tamil movie @ Silver bird Accra Mall Indian Super Star Rajinikanth In & as "LINGAA" from 12-DEC-14 to 21-DEC-14 6.30pm with English subtitle

Operation Tips for Crawler-type Mobile Cone Crusher

Posted by studio on Mon, 24 Nov 2014 - [Grand Openings]

Mobile cone crusher is widely used in the recycling and reuse of mining, coal mining, waste and construction waste. And it is suitable for the operation of earthwork project, urban infrastructure, roadway or building site, etc. It includes crawler mobile cone crusher and tyre mobile cone crusher. Crawler mobile cone crusher has not only followed the high-performance advantage of cone crusher but also learnt from foreign advanced technology. It is the large mining crushing equipment generated from continuous improvement and innovation.

The two-phase crushing of the crushing and screening complete set of equipment adopts hydraulic cone crusher. Adopting Laminate Technology, the different eccentricities and cavity shapes can be designed according to users' request. Compared with traditional cone crusher, the crusher has its production ability increase by 30%, and the fine products can reach 92%. This equipment is equipped with over-load protection, and can adjust automatically based on the humidity-controlled digital signal which ensures the stability and uniformity of finished materials.

As the development of mining equipment, more and more clients choose to mobile cone crusher. Here we have some tips of crawler-type mobile cone crusher for you to help operate it.

1. In order to ensure the safety of field operations personnel work, the staff should wear work clothes, hats, prohibited from broken equipment too close to avoid bulk materials jumped wounding.

2. The crawler-type mobile cone crusher bearing is with high temperature, often due to lack of oil, causing interruption or stolen invasion, should pay attention to the oil and regular maintenance.

3. Pay attention to uniform feeding, do not allow the material full of crushing chamber, and to prevent broken chunks of material and non-material entering the crushing chamber.

4. Do not try to crushing large materials that go beyond the crushing capacity because clearing stone will waste time, try to minimize the amount of processing.

5. In order to ensure the continuity of the mobile cone crusher production process, the job, the order should be in accordance with the processes.

6. Regularly check the wear of wearing parts, bolts fastening state of tension spring tightness, etc. If you find a fault, it is timely to stop treatment.

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